Sharing Your Videos Via Email — Examples

Here are two examples of how you can leverage video. 

For both of these examples, The video thumbnail, headline and body copy are screen-captured from Georgia’s blog page that lists all her videos.  To create this image file, I used one of the applications discussed in my other blog article, How To Create a Screenshot For Sharing Your Video.

After you paste the screen-shot in your email, you’ll want to link the screen-shot to the URL of that video.  Make sure you use the individual video’s URL, and not the URL of the page that lists all the videos.


EXAMPLE 1: How you can email your video to follow up from a phone call — to make your caller feel more like they’ve met you in person.

Dear Name (of prospective client),

Thank you so much for your call today.  Since we didn’t get to talk in person, I thought I’d share with you this video, which will help you get to know me better.  Especially when it comes to the way I work with clients.

Click on the picture to open the video’s page.

Email Phone Follow Up

Thanks again!

(Georgia’s signature)


EXAMPLE2: How you can email your video to your friends and business contacts — to ask for a referral.  Remember to include a special offer when you do this so that people want to share it.


Hi Friends,

Do know anyone who would be interested in talking to a Physician specializing in evidence-based alternative medicine?

I would be happy to provide them a free 15-minute consultation if you forward this email along to them.  Click on the image below to get to know me a better via video.   My contact information is on that video’s page, as well.

Email Referral

Thanks in advance for your help!

(Georgia’s signature)