Sharing Your Videos Via Email — To Close Business

Have you ever had to compete against a prospect’s friend or family member for business? That’s a tough situation to be in.  Because, most of us would prefer to buy from “a friend in the business” if we have one. It’s because we know our friend will take good care of us — during the sale and after.

When we have the opportunity to build a relationship with someone, we have a better chance of making the sale.  But in today’s busy world, it’s tough to convince someone to give you their time. So how do you get them to feel connected to you?

This was the problem I set out to solve when creating Talk Show Connections.  It’s also why we focus on personal topics as well as professional topics.

So back to the title of this post.  How can you leverage your videos to help you close business?  It’s really as simple as doing the following:

  1. Create a list of your videos that notes which video should be used for which specific “connecting” purpose.  Since the videos were created with these purposes in mind, you already know the main strategy for each.  But take a moment to jot down a few specific scenarios, based on recent real-life examples from  your business.  We recommend creating this list in Word or Excel and can provide you with a template.
  2. When you’re on the phone with a prospect, make a point finding personal, common ground with your prospect — that aligns to one or more of your personal video conversations.
  3. Spend your telephone time actively listening to what they want to share.  We’re often so rushed on the phone to squeeze in what we want to say — that we forget to listen.  When you take the time to listen to someone share something about themselves, they are MUCH more likely to watch a video you send to them later that gives you your turn to “talk”.
  4. Let them know you’ll be sending a video to them later.  Say something to encourage them to watch it.  That it’s fun, exciting, interesting, unbelievable, or whatever it
  5. After your conversation, send them an email to follow up and thank them for their time.  Include the starting image or a screenshot of the video with a link to that video’s dedicated page.  Remind them that this was the video you mentioned. Remember to ask them to please watch the video.  For instructions on how to create a screenshot, click here.
  6. Be confident.  Your videos show your best character traits.  When you made your video, you rehearsed  your lines and you had the opportunity to film it until you got it right.  You’re videos also give you the permission you need to brag a little — because you are being interviewed.  So enjoy sharing them.

When you plan sharing videos as part of your sales process, it’s an easy way to help your prospects feel more connected to you — plus it saves you time because you get to share your stories over and over again.

More connected prospects equals more closed sales.