Sharing Your Videos Via Email — To Encourage Referrals

Think about HOW a video goes “viral.”  WHY it goes viral is a subject for another post, but when I ask you to think of HOW, I’m talking about the logistics of it.

Recall the last time you watched a viral video.  What made you watch it?  If you fall into the 99% group, you watched it because someone told you that you MUST watch it.  It was described to you with a level of passion that convinced you to watch it.  If they emailed you a link, it made it that much easier….

When you got enough enjoyment or benefit from the video, you re-shared it on down the line.

If one of the people you shared it with, went on to share it again, in turn — you’ve experienced what it takes to leverage your business videos to encourage referrals.

One of the important things about viral videos is that they come highly recommended for watching.  Even if the video appeals to a wide demographic group, we tend to find out about it from like-minded people with similar interests.  And then we share it with like-minded people with similar interests.

Using your business videos to encourage referrals follows a similar path — but when done right, it’s actually easier since you only need it to be forwarded on one time.  From your existing contacts to their contacts who might want to know about you.

Here are the steps to make it work:

  1. Share the right content.  This means the video has to has to be able to answer to the question, “what’s in it for me.”  People who share information about their favorite vendors or products or services, do it because they want to help others benefit from what they found beneficial.
  2. Create video that makes your clients want to brag about how wonderful you are.  Most people produce video that positions them as an expert.  These videos are great for creating credibility.  But when you already have credibility — because you’re being referred, you should leverage content that shows why you are so personally great to work with.  Why?  When your share video that makes your clients feel like they have a personal relationship with you, they are more vested in helping you by passing it on.
  3. Create a list of your videos that notes which video should be used for which personally connecting purpose.  Since your videos were created with these purposes in mind, you already know the main strategy for each.  But take a moment to jot down a few specific scenarios, based on recent real-life examples from  your business.  We recommend creating this list in Word or Excel and can provide you with a template.
  4. Make a spreadsheet of your existing clients.  Write next to each client, which of the “connecting” purposes would be most likely to resonate with them and the people they are most likely to have as contacts.
  5. Think of a special reason why you need help with referrals.  Make the appeal somewhat personal.  For example, that you have the opportunity to achieve a personal goal or milestone if you bring on just one or two more clients.  You want for your clients to be rooting for your success and you want them to truly feel how much they will be helping you to achieve that success.
  6. Send a personalized email to each contact, with a subject line of “Hi (First Name), need your help” and an opening statement of “I’m reaching out to you because….”  And then make your personal appeal you created above.  Include in the email a linked screenshot of the video you decided to use for that client.  For instructions on how to create a screenshot, click here.
  7. Remember to specifically ask them to please forward on this video to their friends, family and others who could help.  You may also want to ask them to BCC you on the email so you can offer a promotion for to either the referred person, or the referrer, if/when they become your customer.  Take some time to think through what makes sense here for your business.  Some businesses benefit more from referral compensation programs than others.
  8. Remember to personally thank (via phone or in person) the people who provide you with referrals.

Personal appeal emails are most effective for referrals when you limit them to a few times per year.

When you want use your videos more frequently, please look at the post Sharing Your Videos Via Email — To Stay Top of Mind.