Sharing Your Videos Via Email — To Improve Upon a Sales Call

Have you ever been on a sales call where you just weren’t able to present your best self?

Maybe you weren’t feeling well, or maybe something was going on with your family that was distracting you.  We’ve all experienced this feeling.  I know I have.  And when it’s happened, I’ve wished I could have the opportunity to do it all over again.  Especially when it took weeks or months to get the appointment.

When I first started producing these videos, I never thought of using them after a sales call to continue to build rapport.  But as it turns out, that’s exactly how my clients are using them.

When you’re on camera, you’re presenting your best self.  If you make a mistake, we re-shoot it until you get it right.  The lighting makes you look great.  All the while you’re smiling and having fun remembering all the reasons you became so good at what you do.  You’re in that perfect zone of being your best that rarely happens in day-to-day sales calls.  So why not share it as part of your sales call?  Especially when you had a less than perfect day….

When you email your follow up from your sales call, include a video.  And when you send your proposal, include another video.  Share the videos that show WHY you’re great to work with — the ones that demonstrate your expertise and make your prospects smile warmly.  It gives you that extra personal connection you need when you need it.