Sharing Your Videos Via Email — To Stay Top of Mind

One of the basic principles of marketing is that you need to make sure your prospective clients think of you when they have a need for your products and services.

Think about the last time you had to buy some furniture.  Did you notice, all of a sudden, how many furniture ads are everywhere?!  Before you had a need for furniture, you tuned out the ads.  But as soon as you had a need, you noticed them all.

Sharing your videos via email works the same way.  Prospects and clients don’t pay attention to marketing emails — until they have a reason to pay attention.  So the key to staying top of mind is to maintain a regular schedule of staying front of your prospects.  That way, when your prospect is ready to buy, they remember you.  E-newsletters are a great way to do this.

Services offered by Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and AWeber make managing your e-newsletter campaigns easy.  The most difficult part is creating content that will keep your audience interested — enough to stay subscribed until they have a need for your products and services.

When trying to decide upon your content strategy, keep in mind that it takes a fairly high level of experience in your business to know what content to create to share.  A marketing intern is very helpful when it comes to the tasks needed to send the newsletter, or post to the social media venue — but they may not have the business knowledge to demonstrate expertise and build credibility for your company.

To keep your subscribers engaged, you’ll want to make sure you balance each issue with a mix of helpful information or tips and personal information that makes your viewer feel connected to you. Someone who is friendly with you, isn’t going to want to unsubscribe to your newsletter — because they want to be supportive of you and your business.  They also don’t want to upset you by unsubscribing.

Related to the point above, make sure the email newsletter comes from you.  I’ve learned that if it comes from someone else in your office, your readers are more likely to unsubscribe.  Having said that, please use a different email address from your main email address.  That way, if someone (like me) sets up an email rule to filter all the newsletters into one folder, I can also set up a second rule to filter all the email from your main address into my “Clients & Prospects” or “Friends” or “Business Network” folders.  This allows me to catch up on the newsletters during evenings or weekends, while not missing an email that needs a response now.

Most of our clients will send out their e-newsletters once or twice per month.  If your business sells items that are larger, one-time purchases with a long sales cycle, you can probably get away with sending them less often.  If your business depends on repeat purchases with quick decision time frames, you’ll want to send them more often.  If your business is seasonal, you’ll want to send more newsletters during your busy season.  Make sure to include promotions and special offers — this is one of the reasons most cited for why people stay subscribed to newsletters.

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Finally, start paying attention tothe email marketing newsletters you notice and enjoy the most.  Borrow what you like best from others.  Try new things from time to time and see how people notice.