The Best Ways To Share Your Videos

Video is everywhere around us. So much so that we don’t always know or understand the best ways to share video.

When I first started Talk Show Connections, I did a ton of market research. (See the other posts on that). We knew we wanted to produce video specifically designed for sharing in any form over the Internet.  But we didn’t know (although we thought we did) how it would be most successfully leveraged.

We anticipated that social media would be a primary distribution method.  Social media is important, but for other reasons, which you can read about here.

It turns out that the best ROI comes from doing the following, in the following order:

  1. Share your video on the main page of your website.  If your customers/clients are essentially buying “you”, such as it would be if you were a doctor or a lawyer, you should share your video on your main page.
  2. If your customers are buying products or services from your team, we recommend creating a tab/page focused on “About Us.” On this page, you should share your biography and contact information.  We’ve learned from watching our site traffic that the videos shared on clients websites get, by far, the most views of any of the sources.  This is because if someone is coming to your website, they are “in the moment” of wanting to learn about you.
  3. Email your video to an individual.  Use your videos to follow up from a sales conversation.  Tell your prospect you will be sending them a link or two to share more about you.  See the post on Sharing Your Videos Via Email — To Close Business for how to do this.
  4. Email your video to a group list.  If you regularly email your customers/clients, you can copy and paste the poster image from your video into an email and include the link from that video’s page.  But when you do this, it should be with a specific purpose.  See the post on Sharing Your Videos Via Email — To Encourage Referrals for more specific details and instructions.
  5. Share your video via LinkedIn.  In our experience, LinkedIn is used differently from other social media sites.  People viewing you on LinkedIn are in a “let’s do business” frame of mind.  They are more likely to be searching for a provider of professional services when they view you for the first time.  Your video gives you the opportunity to help them get to know you and feel comfortable with you — so they contact you.
  6. Share your video via other social media.  How effective sharing your video on your social media is depends on how effective your overall social media efforts are.  We have one client who has 15,000 social media followers.  When he shared his video, he immediately had 2000+ views.  (Yes, our servers can handle that).  He was releasing the video as a holiday greeting that was also designed to repair his personal brand.  (It worked!) He created empathy among his followers and effectively quieted the negative commenters.  Social media is an excellent way to stay in front of your existing customers/clients.
  7. If you are invited to speak before an organization, share your video in addition to your headshot — to post on the announcement page for your talk.  Giving your prospective audience a taste of how good you are helps them to make the commitment to attend your talk.
  8. Share your video at a trade show.  We film our videos at a resolution that would allow you to project it onto a movie theater screen.  Of course, we reformat them for the Internet, but we retain the original footage and project file for a period of time.  If you are going to be attending a trade show, we can create a DVD for you to play on a screen at your booth.  We’re able to re-cut your footage to specifically meet this, or any other, need.

Video is most effective when people have a reason to watch it.  Think of what paths lead you to watch a video.  The first path is that you’re specifically looking for information.  The second path is someone says you need to watch it.

Leverage the power of both paths to your video.