Why You Should Share Video On Your Website

Video on your website is an important tool for search engine optimization. But more important than that, it is a conversion tool for your prospects. In today’s world, anyone who has the desire to spend a significant amount of money is going to research you and your company online before they buy from you. When […]

Online Video Will Be More Popular than Facebook and Twitter by 2017

If you haven’t seen the latest data, here it is — view it on the respected technology blogsite, GigaOM The key points from this article are: Online video will account for 69 percent of consumer internet traffic by 2017 (up from 57 percent in 2012). Mobile video will grow 16-fold from 2012 to 2017, and […]

What Clients Like Best About Us

It may sound strange, but virtually every of our clients will tell you that the best part of producing Talk Show Connections videos is the process leading up to producing your videos. Why is that? 1) We use a market research interviewing approach.  This means that by going through our process, you learn a whole […]

Four Reasons Why Video is Becoming More Popular than Text

Video is rapidly becoming the most popular means of mass communication, and that’s largely because of 4 factors. The popularity of smart phones. These have much smaller screens than computers, where it’s difficult to read the small text.  especially for our aging population, or people who need to wear reading glasses. Watching a video provides […]

The Best Ways To Share Your Videos

Video is everywhere around us. So much so that we don’t always know or understand the best ways to share video. When I first started Talk Show Connections, I did a ton of market research. (See the other posts on that). We knew we wanted to produce video specifically designed for sharing in any form […]

Attract Only the Right Customers

I was once talking to the receptionist who worked for a financial services firm.  She said to me that as soon as a person walks in the door, she knows exactly which financial advisor they’re here to see. If they are dressed in an expensive business suit and snobby, there here to see Tom. If […]

Social Media Meets a Basic Human Need

Last summer, my friend was restoring a 200+ year-old farmhouse.  He was doing it himself, but was always asking for input from others.  He would share the highs and lows of the project.  One of the unexpected highs was finding a small stack of  the town’s newspapers from the 1800’s. I didn’t expect to experience […]

How People Get to Tell Their Story on TV

Did you ever wonder why most business owners interviewed on TV look and sound so good?  It’s because they have public relations firm who create talking points strategically designed to influence their audience in specific ways.  They also undergo media & camera coaching, so they know how to present well on camera.  Finally, they retain […]

Sharing Your Videos Via Email — Examples


Here are two examples of how you can leverage video.  For both of these examples, The video thumbnail, headline and body copy are screen-captured from Georgia’s blog page that lists all her videos.  To create this image file, I used one of the applications discussed in my other blog article, How To Create a Screenshot […]

Sharing Your Videos Via Email — To Close Business

Have you ever had to compete against a prospect’s friend or family member for business? That’s a tough situation to be in.  Because, most of us would prefer to buy from “a friend in the business” if we have one. It’s because we know our friend will take good care of us — during the […]

Sharing Your Videos Via Email — To Encourage Referrals

Think about HOW a video goes “viral.”  WHY it goes viral is a subject for another post, but when I ask you to think of HOW, I’m talking about the logistics of it. Recall the last time you watched a viral video.  What made you watch it?  If you fall into the 99% group, you […]

Sharing Your Videos Via Email — To Stay Top of Mind

One of the basic principles of marketing is that you need to make sure your prospective clients think of you when they have a need for your products and services. Think about the last time you had to buy some furniture.  Did you notice, all of a sudden, how many furniture ads are everywhere?!  Before […]

Sharing Your Videos Via Email — To Improve Upon a Sales Call

Have you ever been on a sales call where you just weren’t able to present your best self? Maybe you weren’t feeling well, or maybe something was going on with your family that was distracting you.  We’ve all experienced this feeling.  I know I have.  And when it’s happened, I’ve wished I could have the […]

The Importance of Lighting on Set — OR, Why We Don’t Go On-Location

People often ask me if we could do their video interview on location at their office. The short answer is, “If you want to look absolutely amazing on camera — that is, better than you ever thought you could look — then the answer is, I’m sorry, but no.” One thing that every one of […]

What Is Personality-Based Success?

Talk Show Connections was founded on the philosophy of what we call “Personality-Based Success.”  In a nutshell, this means that if your line of work matches who you are — at a core level — people are going to want to do business with you. When I’m speaking before a group of people on this […]

Why We Use Market Research (vs. Media) Interviewing Techniques

Market research interviewing is VERY different from media interviewing.  Media interviewers develop an amazing ability to sensationalize an already enticing story to keep you glued to the screen. Market research interviewers do what we call “identifying the unknowns” so we figure out exactly what will make a product sell — both consciously and subconsciously/subliminally. It […]

What You Get with the Talk Show Connections Website

Here’s a post dedicated to summarizing what you get with your Talk Show Connections package.   1) Your own dedicated Talk Show Connections blog page.  You get to choose the order in which you want your videos to appear on this page.  Click the link below to see a sample. http://talkshowconnections.com/georgia-tetlow   2) Your own […]

Recommendations for Embedding Videos, including WordPress Sites

From 2013, all new client videos are published on your channel with easy access to embed codes.  If you are a client from previous years, you can request that your videos be updated to include embed codes.  Contact me for details. The embed codes us the iframe standard, so they can be embedded in just […]