The Importance of Listening to You as the Client


Vince talks about the importance of listening to clients, and how it determines who he hires and who becomes his client.

Why Vince Decided to Become An Attorney


Sometimes, you know what you’re meant to be from when you’re in elementary school. Vince started “practicing” law at a young age. His creativity then carries over to the creative solutions he provides to clients today.

Free Living Will Offer


As a follow up to the clip on “Simple and Inexpensive Advice,” Learn how to get a free living will and power of attorney.

Simple and Inexpensive Advice


Vince gives advice that can help clients protect their children if something happens to them.

“I Become Personally Embarrassed”


Find out what personally embarrasses Vince — and why it’s a benefit to you.

Giving Back


Vince talks about serving on the board of directors of the Chester County Solid Waste Authority.

The Importance of History


As a history buff, Vince has some favorite eras in U.S. history. It’s a personal passion that is tied to his community service and also gives him an appreciation for researching legal precedents.

Do You Need a Lawyer?


There are times when clients don’t need an attorney and Vince talks about how his firm helps in those times.

Legal Presentation Offer


Learn how your community group or non-profit organization can receive a free one-hour talk, free of charge.

The Strategy is in the Details


Vince talks about how his focus on subtle details benefits his clients’ contract negotiations.

Growing a Successful Law Firm


Vince talks about what it takes to grow a successful law firm.

Baseball and the Subtle Details


Vince talks about his passion, Baseball, and what makes him interested in the sport. He also talks about how his appreciation for baseball translates to what makes him good at what he does.

Stories from Childhood


Vince talks about what he liked to do in his Cub Scout days.