Recommendations for Embedding Videos, including WordPress Sites

From 2013, all new client videos are published on your channel with easy access to embed codes.  If you are a client from previous years, you can request that your videos be updated to include embed codes.  Contact me for details.

The embed codes us the iframe standard, so they can be embedded in just about any website used today.  We are standardized on a custom video embed size that fits most plug and play websites.  It will fit on most pages, even if your template uses multiple columns.  If you need a different custom size, please contact us for more information.

When you’re embedding video, we have a few recommendations, regardless of the site platform you use:

  • Ideally, you should embed each video on it’s own page (or post).  It will load faster and play more reliably that way. Especially when someone is clicking through to it from an email.
  • If you’re embedding several videos together on a single page try to limit the number of embedded videos on a page to no more than 4.  This will prevent errors on page loading and playback.
  • Also, try not to have more than 4 embedded videos on a category/archive page. If you want to list all your videos on one page, you should use the poster (intro) images of the videos, instead of embedded videos.  You can see an example of how this looks on your channel page of the Talk Show Connections website.

If your site is in WordPress, there’s a handy plugin that will help you to manage the rotation of videos through the video category (archive) page.  The plugin is named Custom Category Post Order when installed. Note that the name is slightly different in the directory. Click on the link to view it in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

This plugin allows you to publish all of your videos in a single category (e.g. “Videos”) but also allows you to select/limit which ones are visible — at any point in time — on the category listing (archive) page.

This is convenient because you can create posts for all your videos at once, but then easily switch them month after month to create fresh content for your viewers.  It also allows someone who previously received a link to a video to later access that video (on it’s individual post) — even if it’s not showing in the current category list.

Hope this is helpful! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks!